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The daughter I was not

Feature fiction film in development and financing phase


Directed and written by: Julia De Simone

Produced by: Luana Melgaço 



An exchange of letters across time fabulates a fantastical encounter between Luana and her father twenty-five years after his death. Upon discovering a letter written by Beto in his youth, Luana, at the age of 40, initiates an epistolary conversation with the young man who had not yet become her father. 


“The brightness of the sun pierces through me. It isn't the sleepless nights nor the persistent

insomnia we share that blinds me. The brightness of a Saturday illuminates me fully and then I can

see everything. Then I can see you, a young man I never knew. Your words, which are not addressed to me, reach me 25 years after you left. You tell me about these people I don't know. Neither do I know who you are. Beto? Which Beto? And you confide in me your fear of growing old. In your early twenties, you declared your boy was dead. But despite being dead, the boys still play together in your minds, you tell me. For how long still? For how long have the already dead boys still played in the minds of men? What about the two of us, dad? Will we play again? Are we playing now?”

© Mirada Filmes

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