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Hotel Room

Brazil | 13 min | 2023 | Fiction/Experimental | Color | 1:85 | 5.1

Directed by Marcelo Grabowsky and Mauro Pinheiro Jr


A guest. A room. A body. 

A night in a hotel room following the character proposed by Biño Sauitzvy to occupy this room, and to answer the question "how do you face loneliness?". In between performance, fiction and documentary, the short is an investigation of the limits and the possibilities of loneliness, this body and this room.


With Biño Sauitzvy

Director Marcelo Grabowsky, Mauro Pinheiro Jr

Screenplay Biño Sauitzvy, Marcelo Grabowsky

Producer and assistant director Julia De Simone

Cinematography Mauro Pinheiro Jr

Production Design André Weller

Costume Sassá Magalhães

Production Design Assistant Anna Cecília Cabral

Sound Diogo Cavour

Foley Maurício Castañeda

Sound editing Felipe Mussel

Sound Mixing Bernardo Adeodato

Editor Marcelo Grabowsky

Color correction Patrick Souza

Graphic Art: Leandro Felgueiras

Executive Producers Aline Portugal, Julia De Simone, Marcelo Grabowsky

Production Company: Mirada Filmes



- 24º Festival do Rio - Première Brasil 

- 31º Festival Mix Brasil

© Mirada Filmes

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