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Marcelo Grabowsky

Marcelo Grabowsky (Rio de Janeiro, 1896) is a film and Theatre director. Graduated in Social Communication at PUC-Rio, he directed the shorts: “Hotel Room" (Rio Int’l Film Festival, 2023); “Private Photos” (2020), Best Screenplay and Actor at the Festival de Gramado, Grand Jury Special Mention at OutFest LA, part of Palm Springs ShortFest and Frameline selections; and “Chlorine” (2014), Best Short at the Milan Festival, part of NYFF and Vila do Conde selections. And the feature documentary “Witness 4” (2011), Best Director at the Semana de Cinema and part of Cinélatino de Toulouse. In 2022, he participated in the Biennale College Cinema in Venice with the project of his first fiction feature film “I would like to see your private photos". In 2023, the project was selected for the José Ignacio International Film Festival Working Lab (JIIFF Lab) and for the Venice Gap-Financing Market, during the Venice Film Festival. He has directed theater plays and, in Cinema, he also works as actor’s coach and screenwriter. He wrote the feature films “Represa" (Rotterdam, 2023) by Diego Hoefel, and “Manas" (in post-production) by Marianna Brennand. He was the screenwriter and assistant director of the feature documentary “Romance de Formação” (2011) by Julia De Simone.


Hotel Room

Marcelo Grabowsky, Mauro Pinheiro Jr | 2023 | 13’ | Fiction/Experimental

Private Photos

Marcelo Grabowsky | 2020 | 20’ | Fiction  

Video Call

Julia De Simone, Marcelo Grabowsky | 2015 | 24’ | Documentary


Marcelo Grabowsky | 2014 | 18’ | Fiction 

Tribune of Honor

Aline Portugal, Julia De Simone, Marcelo Grabowsky, Ricardo Pretti | 2014 | 10’ | Experimental

Witness 4

Marcelo Grabowsky | 2011 | 70’ | Documentary  

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