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Video Call

24' . HD . Color . 2015 . RJ, Brazil 

Directed by Julia De Simone and Marcelo Grabowsky


Through virtual calls, the film reveals a diverse panel of experiences of Brazilians who live outside the country. These are students who moved in search of academic knowledge and professional training, and now need to deal with issues such as foreign status, distance from Brazil and the impact of their choices. Created based on the research material for the “Bildungsroman”.


With: Daniela Puccini, Hermes Gadelha, Marina Martins, Dhiana Deva, Sarah Cristina Ruckl, Natacha Rocha, Caetano Altafin, Lucas Yamamura, Victoria Saramago, Helga Dornelas, Gabriel Benarrós, Edson Lopes, Adrian Chasin, Juliana de Carvalho, Renata Lira, Filipe Aléssio, Leandro Dantas, Isabel Cristina Mendes, Daniela Diniz da Silva, Fabio Martino

Directed by: Julia De Simone and Marcelo Grabowsky 

Interviewer: Marcelo Grabowsky 

Executive Producer: Guilherme Coelho

Producer: Mariana Ferraz e Laura Boorhem

Mirada Filmes Producers: Aline Portugal, Julia De Simone, Marcelo Grabowsky

Editing: Julia De Simone and Marcelo Grabowsky

Editing Assistant: Fabian Remy, Mike Attalah e Paula Sancier

Sound Editing: Audiorama Filmes

Production: Matizar 

Coproduction: Mirada

© Mirada Filmes

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